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A personal LIFE COACH will help you unleash your purpose in life with passion.

Coaching can help you unlock your potential by removing limiting beliefs and improving alignment with self. We work with people to discover their true identity, values and capabilities while generating new behaviours in alignment with their vision.

Affordable prices

We are driven by the need to reach as many people as possible, we therefor offer affordable prices for all our services, that you can order directly from the website.

Personalised Approach

Every session is designed for the individual client, because we are all different. We all have different drives and passions in life

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We have hundreds of happy clients who have grown personally and professionally after our life coaching sessions. Check out our client testimonial section.

Life Coach


Triumphant Zoe Coaching was birthed from Tryfina Kgokong’s passion to unleash people’s purpose to triumph in life with passion!

It is said that when you do what you love you will never work a day in your life and that’s the life that I enjoy.

Tryfina has dedicated her  time to help others unlock their full potential as a life coach. 


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Welcome to Triumphant Zoe Pty Ltd (Coaching).

We provide mentorship and a blueprint for your career path in life. Triumphant Zoe is highly accomplished and celebrated, she will be able to guide you based on her own life experience.


Triumphant Zoe is available to speak at any public, social or corporate event. Check out the news read up on some of the prestigious events Triumphant Zoe has spoken at.


Life coaching training is focused at making people become better leaders in society. Developing others ensures that it doesn’t just end with one person, the positive impact can be paid forward.

Change Catalyst

Change your mind, change your life. Triumphant Zoe will act as a catalyst for change by highlighting certain blind spots as well as increasing the motivation and self-belief.


The Lead Life Coach

Tryfina Kgokong is the lead Life Coach at Triumphant Zoe.
Tryfina Kgokong
Tryfina Kgokong

Life Coach

There is nothing ordinary about Tryfina and the first step on her journey to success was when, after studying for her BSC in Construction, she went on to obtain and Honours degree in Quantity Surveying at the University of Cape Town and registered as a professional Quantity Surveyor with SACQSP within 2 and a half years in 2010 as well as MRICS in 2012. She even makes a hard hat look glamourous.

After working in the UAE for 5 years, Tryfina returned home to Johannesburg to make a difference in her own country and decided to start her own business Triumphant Zoe (Pty) Ltd in 2019. And triumphant she will is as she also holds a Masters degree in Business Administration obtained from University of Stellenbosch Business School. Tryfina is also a certified Life Coach, Business Coach and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner.

If you think that that’s were her sphere ends, think again. In 2018, she was nominated as the Women in Construction Rising Star. And earlier in 2019, she returned to her Alma Mater Cape Town University where, as key guest speaker, she delivered a scintillating and inspiring speech at the Top Achievers Award Ceremony for the Construction Economics and Management Department.


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Our Services

The following services are provided by Triumphant Zoe Coaching

Life Coach and Business Executive Coach

A coach is someone who transports their client from point A to point B. Similarly to the mobile coach or bus that takes passengers to their destination, that’s the function of a coach. Everyone in life needs a coach to guide them along the way. A coach is there to ensure that you are the best at what you were created to be the best in. Serena William’s coach ensures that Serena always plays her best tennis.

Life Coach and Business Executive Coach

Personal, Professional and Leadership Development

Personal development is a continuous process for all of us. In order to be best we can be in life, we must continue to develop personally. We must be intentional about personal development and there are various areas including getting unstuck in life, letting go of toxic friends and relationships, setting a positive state of being and controlling our emotions and be proactive rather than reactive. Being focused on our true values allows us to be aligned with our identity, vision and mission. Leaders are not only born, however leaders are made.

Personal Professional Leadership Development

Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner

There are various NLP techniques available that bring about the desired change. These techniques can be applied with different types of addiction such as smoking, alcohol, food, etc. as well as habits such as lack of focus, late behaviour. Limiting believes can also be removed through the application of these NLP techniques which are also very helpful in decision making.

Neuro Linguistic Practitioner


As a coach, I believe that everyone already has a strategy or solution to their own problem. You will notice that people don’t usually take advise because deep down inside we believe we have the solution. As a coach my role is to unleash that answer that is already inside. There is a saying that says speak to the king inside a person and one day the king will answer. My role is to offer options and alternatives to make it evident that there are many ways of skinning the cat.



Our Happy Triumphant Zoe Coaching Clients and their stories.
Zanele Mlimi Triumphant Zoe Client

“I’ve been thinking of starting my own catering business but had been procrastinating until I had a coaching session with Tryfina who acted as a change catalyst that enabled me to act on my dream and and I’ve since catered for an event of over 50 people.”

Zanele Mlimi

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